Parga Is a Mediterranean Treasure – Check It Out Today

Are you looking at trying to go somewhere different before school starts up for the kids? We know exactly what you’re feeling right now. There’s only so much summer left before schools tarts, so we might as well make the most of it. One place that we wanted to cover before the summer ends this year would have to be Parga. It’s a very small town on the main island of Greece, which might not be at the top of your list. But it gets better — there’s a lot of things to do, and Parga is peaceful compared to some of the more lively cities in Greece. Read on to find out everything special about this wonderful town.

If you’re trying to get to Parga, you’re going to have to do it by either bus or boat. You can bus in from Preveza and Igoumenitsa, which are the towns that neighbor Parga.

If you’ve got the kids with you, you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic. Parga is small enough to walk through on your own, and you don’t have to spend extra money for a rental car. The heat tends to get to people quickly though, and that means that you’re going to have to take breaks often.

Parga holidayLook into the old Greek Fortress while you’re there. This is not just any old structure — it goes all the way back to the 14th century. It’s going to separate Parga’s center from the beach. You can see all around Parga if you up high enough. However, the ruined castle can be dangerous so you have to make sure that you avoid leaning over any edges — you’ll go right into the sea, and it won’t be pretty!

There’s another castle along the west side of the beach, called the Ali Pasha castle. It’s also a great one to explore, if you’re into that sort of thing.

OK, OK. You want to do more than look at old castles. You can see orchards and tons and tons of olive trees. It’s scenic, peaceful, and quiet — if you’re looking for a way to introduce your children to a more natural scene, you can definitely do that.

You also have a tourist train available that can show you around the island, without all of the walking. If you’ve got younger children, this can be a real trip-saver on their little legs.

There’s always food, and Parga definitely delivers. You have Kastro if you really want to splurge on amazing food, and something like Bachos when you want to save money. There’s everything from authentic Greek food to more international dishes. It’s completely okay to eat more than you expected — you’re on vacation! Keep in mind that some old time family favorites might taste a little different, so if you have children, you might want to let them know. Let them taste thing sand see what they like. They just might be surprised at what really tastes incredible!

Sleeping arrangements can be whatever you want them to be. Some people really like the idea of staying in a luxurious hotel or villa, while others want a more budget experience. There’s nothing wrong with either, and you can definitely find both. Just make sure that if you’re really serious about taking a trip to Parga that you plan everything out in advance. If you try to do this on the last minute, you aren’t going to get where you want to be.

Thinking About Holiday Travel – Time to Book Your Trip Ahead of Time

Whether you’re considering traveling for Easter or another major holiday, one thing is clear: the airways are going to be clogged. People travel virtually every day of the week, and it’s important to realize that planning ahead is really your best way of ensuring that you’re not going to get stuck being left in the cold. You’re not going to have to face high fees just because you want to see family and friends in other places. Or you might just want to get away with the family before work and school begin to get in the way again. Either way, it’s time to start planning your trip early.

Going back to the basics just makes sense. Lay out exactly where you want to go, when you want to go, and what you plan to do there. Knowing who will be traveling with you ahead of time also makes sends. This isn’t the time for last minute details. You want to go into the planning stage with a clear idea of every piece of the travel puzzle laid out for you.

There’s a lot of different ways to plan a trip. You might go for an all inclusive package that includes the whole family at a resort. Resorts are great because they include just about everything you could possibly want or need in your trip. This is a good thing from every angle. You get to really feel like you’re doing well for yourself. You get to escape from routine and have a good time — what could be better than that? What could be better than having the wind in your hair, sun on your face, and nothing but time on your side?

Holiday TravelThinking about travel insurance ahead of time also makes sense. You want to make sure that you get the type of travel insurance that covers medical costs in the event of an emergency. This is just for peace of mind. Chances are good that you won’t need to use the insurance, but if you did have to use it, you’d naturally be glad that it’s all there. There’s no time like the present to make sure that you’re getting everything covered.

There’s always time to make sure that you’re moving onto something real, fun, and exciting. But a lot of travelers wait till the last minute to play, say, their Easter holiday getaway. That’s a bad idea, because plenty of people are thinking about running away to a warm beach during that time of year. You’re going to be left out of some great deals just because you weren’t planning.

Everyone knows when they’re going to have time off ahead of time, so why not schedule these things out? It’s better than believing that nothing else can be done, right? Right.

Make sure that you have a digital camera to capture all of the events. You want to have something to look back on. A lot of people think that they’re going to remember every moment. The reality is that you really don’t. However, the ability to look at your own digital reel of photos? That’s -where the real power is.

This guide is designed to address the fundamentals of planning for a holiday away from home. Laying out your trip has its rewards, but you can’t achieve anything if you don’t get started as soon as possible. Good luck!

Crimea, An Oddly Mediterranean Place

Crimea is a very lovely region with a lot of history attached to it. It’s Mediterranean to a point, yet it brings something very different to the table. It’s like a little island all to itself, and it’s time for tourists to check it out than what they’ve been doing.

You have the Coastal Beach Cities, which are extremely tourist friendly. Russian tends to dominate the landscape, but you can get by with English and some good gesturing. The houses are extremely cheap to rent because everyone loves a tourist here!

If you want to go hiking and camping, you can turn to the Coastal Mountains. Camping is a bit rough and tumble, but you can be assured of plenty of quiet time. That’s just something that you have to look into a bit more.

Crimea vacationYou need to get a guidebook if you’re going to really explore the Crimea, but you can find these just about everywhere that you look once you land. The weather is incredibly nice during the summer, and the water is pretty warm. If you’re used to true Mediterranean beaches, the water around the Crimea may feel downright chilly. Get over it and embrace your surroundings. You’ll be glad that you did.

Now then, what about getting around the country? You definitely want to take the mini buses, because they’re going to be cheap. You don’t want to try to drive, because the road system is very bad. This is a part of the country that isn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s going to be very important for you to be as respectful as possible. Even if you’re a little less than impressed, try to make the best of your surroundings. The incredible beauty of the Crimea makes up for the fact that you aren’t going to be greeted with five star comforts. Continue reading

Heading to Rhodes for a Truly Stellar Holiday Experience Is Easy – Check It Out

A guide to all things in the Mediterranean wouldn’t be complete without a brief pause for the island of Rhodes. This is truly one of the largest Greek Islands around, and it’s a very popular holiday destination. Holidaymakers love that there’s so many different historical sites, plenty of beaches to sunbathe on, and tons of different food to try. There are even roses that grow directly from the rocks. The soil is incredibly fertile, which leads to produce that has to be tasted directly to believe its supreme quality.

Interested in traveling to Rhodes? Here’s what you really need to know!

traveling to RhodesPlanning your holiday means thinking about where you’re going to stay while you’re on the island. There are plenty of little villages to call home while you’re away on holiday. We like Faliraki because it’s very family friendly, and it even has a little bit of nightlife too. So if your children are old enough, you can always get in some adult time when they’re asleep and still have fun on the island all day with them. See, it’s really the best of both worlds!

There’s markets just about all over the island, so be ready to barter — bring plenty of extra cash if you’re a true shopping hound.

Did you know that there are castles on the island? It’s true — there’s plenty of medieval scenery to be found here! If you’re looking for a beach to sunbathe on, realize that these are gravel beaches. It can be a bit overwhelming to look at the commercialization of the island, but hey, look at it from a positive point of view — at least you’re going to be getting the best service that you can find! Most of the people that call Rhodes home speak English, which means that it’s virtually impossible to get lost. You also won’t lack for conveniences, as there’s always something for sale. Tourists pour into the island, so you can’t blame the locals for taking advantage of that. It’s capitalism at its finest, but it definitely keeps the island itself afloat. The island gets well over three hundred sunny days every year, so there’s always a travel deal for going to Rhodes.

If you want to get around like a seasoned tourist, you can take the bus system. There’s really no need to rent a car unless you utterly want to. Generally speaking, driving in Greece as a whole can be problematic, with plenty of reckless drivers to be found.

You also have a fine taxi service that will get you just about anywhere that you want to go. Booking ahead of time will let you get to your destination faster. Don’t forget that if you need a taxicab late night, you’re going to pay a lot more — nearly double! Yikes!

Mopeds are extremely cost effective if you want to tour the island on your own. Make sure that you are going to be able to find a gas station …or you will be agitated. Renting a helmet is a wise move, considering the way some of the Rodians drive.

Don’t leave your camera at home if you’re headed to Rhodes. You’ll be surrounded by castles, chapels, big sweeping churches, and plenty of archeological ruins. This is an island with a history that goes very far back, so you don’t want to miss anything.

One highlight that we have to share: Epta Piges, the Seven Springs — it’s not an area with a lot going for it, but the views are truly stunning.

Epta PigesYou can go hiking, cycling, sightseeing, or check out one of the many little resorts that are all over Rhodes. If you want to swim, this is the island to go with. You can even go kitesurfing — just how many places can you do that back home, huh? Since Rhodes relies on tourism so much, you’ll find plenty of tour operators trying to make a living. If you do decide to hire one, make sure that you tip them well. Continue reading

Jet off to Zakynthos for this Summer Holiday

We can’t get enough of the Mediterranean, and we wanted to give you as much information as possible about all of the Greek Islands. Today is all about Zakynthos for a lot of reasons: balance, plenty of things to do, and an overwhelming sense of calm. You get the best of both worlds when you step into Zakynthos, also referred to as Zante (its Italian name).

Zakynthos isn’t all about the late night crowd, but it’s not always quiet and innocent either. You’ll find a little bit of both sides to keep you interested, and that’s why we like it. We think that a good holiday should be on your terms, but who said you couldn’t get a little wild and crazy? After all, how many times will you really be in Greece?

Zakynthos has a capital — Zakynthos Town. This is where most of your activity will be, especially if you’re trying to catch a ferry.

You also have Alykes and Agios Nikolaos. Alykes has a family resort where many people like to stay. If you’re looking for the party action, you want to go to Laganas. This resort village has nothing but nightlife for the under 30 crowd. If it’s not your scene, feel free to avoid this place. But if it is your scene, you’ll find just about everything you’re looking for in terms of classic nightlife fun.

There’s an airport on the island, but it’s over near Laganas. You will have international flights, but it’s mostly to European cities while the holiday season is in effect.

visit_zakynthosThe best way to explore would be to go by taxi, rent a car (though driving is risky) or to go around on a motorbike. You’ll have enough speed and power to conquer hills with ease, so don’t worry about that at all. Some people even like to go cycling in Greece, and it’s a very inexpensive type of thing to do. There are tours of the island available for cyclists that are really interested in that sort of thing.

Most of the beaches are set up the same way. You will need to pay to use a sun lounger, but it’s not that expensive at all. There’s also water sports available, like diving and going snorkeling. It just depends on what you would like to do while you’re on the island.

One thing that you will want to avoid is disturbing the turtles that call this island home. They aren’t any harm to you, and they’re actually an endangered species.

The wildest thing you can do in Zakynthos would be to go base jumping. Yes, that’s right — you are jumping with a parachute on. It’s not as dangerous as it might seem, but it’s definitely not for the faint at heart! Continue reading

It’s time to hit the Island of Corfu!

If you’re already dreaming about that warm weather holiday you’ve always wanted to take, it’s time to look at the island of Corfu. Of course, you will need to book your trip well ahead of time, so we wanted to still give you the scoop…even if there’s still snow on the ground where you are.

What you need to know is that Corfu is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands in Greece. It’s in the Adriatic Sea, east of Italy and southwest of Albania.

This is a culture rich region that has something for everyone. Corfu Town will be where you are most likely going to spend most of your time on the island. It’s known as Kerkira or Kerkyra. This is where the airport is located and where most of the ferries will dock. It’s incredibly tourist friendly, which is something that we look forward to in every way.

The north part of the island will be where you have all of your mountains, and the coastal areas will be where you’ll find those classic pebbly beaches.

Island of CorfuThere’s plenty of infrastructure on the tourist that’s looking to have a good holiday.

You will find that while things aren’t set up directly for children to enjoy, the entire island is devoted to the happiness and joy of children. You will see children playing safely in the streets, in parks, at playgrounds and even on the beach. Modern Greece still has old fashioned roots, and this is also noticeable on Corfu.

The warm Mediterranean climate will welcome you — warm and dry summers with blue skies that seem to go on forever.

The mountainous areas are going to be cooler. The winters are pretty mild. You’ll get plenty of sun here, even in the Spring. A lot of people travel to Corfu all year around, because there’s always something to do. Spring is awesome because you get to see all of the vegetation and colors. Summer is popular because of the beaches, and fall is popular because of the harvests. Good food grown right is one of the main themes of Corfu.

You can get around pretty easy by bus, which means that you don’t need to rent a car. You can, of course, if you really want to. You’ll find that bus tickets are very cheap.

There’s also a chance to rent bikes to travel around in style, if you choose to do so. This is a great way to see the beauty of the island, get some exercise, and even have a lower impact on the environment. Continue reading

A Fast List of Topless Mediterranean Beaches

Topless sunbathing is making a big comeback this travel season, for a lot of good reasons. People are starting to feel more and more relaxed about the human body. We’re all for breaking down old stereotypes of how life should be, of course. If you feel like you want to get in touch with your most natural side, then topless sunbathing on vacation is definitely for you.

You’ll find that nudity isn’t a big deal in many travel locales, but you still want to look them up before you feel you have a license to “go bare”. Even if you’re a little shy, you’ll find that just about everybody gets into topless sunbathing or even full nudity. There’s a wide range of shape sand sizes out there, with plenty of people to look after you. Life can really be relaxing out here, so you might as well check it out eventually.

If you’re going to really enjoy this type of travel, you want to go into the “high season” — really anything after May. This is when you’ll get a lot of great travel deals, meet new people and be able to be assured that all of the hotels and restaurants are going to be open for business. Trying to catch off peak travel is a little risky, because you could find that the hotels you really wanted to stay at just aren’t going to be accepting you anytime soon — the owners close up and go enjoy more time with their families.

If you’re going to indulge, make sure that you indulge smart. Give yourself only as much sunshine as you can handle. You don’t want to get sunburned! Packing towels, sunscreen, water and more are just par for the course.

All that aside, let’s bring on the list!

1. Playa d’En Bossa (Spain)

Playa d'En BossaDidn’t think that Spain would be open to nudity? Think again! Playa d’En Bossa is actually Spain’s longest beach. You can find plenty of activity on the beach, but also plenty of peace and quiet if that’s what you feel that you need. Nudism, believe it or not, is considered a “right” in Spain, which means that you’re not going to be hassled. You might want to bring something to cover up with in case you get too exposed though.

2. Paradise Beach, Mykonos (Greece)

Paradise Beach, MykonosWe’ve gone Greek and we aren’t sorry about it at all! If you want to check out some great topless sunbathing, Paradise Beach is where it’s at. You aren’t going to be treated to yet another stale, boring experience. You will be able to party, enjoy wine, live it up on the beach. This beach caters to a younger crowd, but you’ll see a few families here and there as well. The buses around the island run every 30 minutes, and water taxis run every hour. You’re not going to be trapped, that’s for sure.

3. Crete

CreteGoing to the island of Crete in Greece is an experience. You’ll find a very slow experience that focuses more on the beauty of nature than having a bunch of touristy things to do. All of that glorious topless sunbathing does wait for you, though. Something that’s definitely on our minds given the amazing architecture that’s found all over the island.

We wanted to give you our top three, but you’ll actually find other beaches that are more than accepting of topless and even fully nude sunbathing. You also want to make sure that you are booking your trips as ahead of time as possible. It’s very possible that hotel rooms will fill up quickly. This is even the case for some of the nicer restaurants in each destination. Advance booking is almost a requirement! Of course, if you are ever feeling uncomfortable, covering up is always an option. Have fun, stay safe, and good luck!

Disabled Travel Can Still Be Amazing Travel – Here’s How!

A lot of travel sites don’t want to cover the subject of disabled travel, as if it’s something that we’re not supposed to talk about. However, the truth is that there are a lot of benefits to being able to travel anywhere you want to go with just a few modifications. We want to support everyone’s dream of being able to travel, and that means that we’re going to put together our best guide on getting into traveling even if you have a disability. We hope that it will empower everyone to realize that travel truly does belong to everyone. You don’t have to be special to travel — it’s all about making sure that you’re going to be able to get on the go when you want to do that. Good luck… and read on!

First and foremost, planning is everything. One of the things that does separate disabled travel from traditional travel patterns is that you’re not going to be able to get all of those last minute deals. You’re going to have to plan in order to really make sure that you’re going to have your medications, any oxygen, and even a wheelchair. These are just not things that can be arranged at the last minute without a lot of work and stress. So what you have to ultimately do is be aware of what you actually need for your holiday, and then go from there.

Disabled TravelMost airlines do require at least a 5 day notice if you have oxygen needs on the flight. They will also need notification from your doctor as to how much oxygen you actually need. If you’re planning an international flight, you might not be able to get as long of oxygen time as you would doing a domestic flight. Again, since airline policies change so often, you’re going to need to ask them.

You also want to make sure that you have any extra fees covered. Even though it’s unfair, the disabled traveler does carry along more freight than the average traveler. Even though it’s medically necessary, you may have to pay extra for this opportunity. Every operator is different, so you want to ask ahead of time.

If you can afford it, going with a private house vs. a hotel may be a better fit for your travel plans. You usually get more room to move around and there are even ramps now that can assist you in getting a wheelchair into the house easily. Even if there isn’t a ramp, there are many houses without any tricky stairs to deal with. Definitely something to check into. If you want to go the traditional hotel route, you’ll find many wheelchair accessible hotels all over the world.

As always, if you’re not sure if a venue will be able to accommodate you, try to hit up their website or give them a call. It’s better to make sure that you have a good place to stay rather than just assuming that everything will be all right.

You should also take the time to look up where the hospitals and small clinics of an area will be. You just never know whether or not you’re going to need them and it really is better to be safe than sorry.

You can definitely have the vacation of your life as long as you’re willing to really think about where to go, what to do, and how to stay safe. Take a long a trusted friend if you’re worried about having trouble. That way you know that you have a voice that will be able to speak for you throughout everything else. Start today, and you really won’t regret it!