Enjoy the Best of Italy on your Honeymoon

Thousands of couples jet off around the world on their honeymoon each year, and one of the places that has remained ever-popular is Italy. Not only is it a perfect place to spend some quality, newlywed time together, but it offers a wealth of tradition and history like no other country in the world. Each city is soaked in heritage, and no matter where you turn there are amazing restaurants around every corner.

If it’s history you’re after, then Italy’s architecture is some of the most loved in Europe, from the Colosseum in Rome to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany. If it’s entertainment and nightlife you’re looking forward to, then there’s no other place to visit than Milan. Here are a few helpful pieces of information to help you choose the city that is right for you on your honeymoon this summer.


visiting RomeRome is a city that you simply have to visit when honeymooning in Italy. Few cities possess such a vast and historical beauty, and there are so many wonderful things to see and do here that it is hard to know where to begin! Many of Rome’s attractions are permanent fixtures on current worldly wonders lists, and there is nowhere better to soak up the sun whilst being educated on Rome’s amazing past.

Rome also has a romantic side to it, especially when you wonder around the fantastic structures at night. From the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican to the Colosseum and Pantheon, honeymooners will be in awe of the sights in front of them. Furthermore, there are more than enough great restaurants and cafés to keep your stomachs full in Rome, and make sure you save some room for the extensive wine lists too! Visit autoeurope.com for some great car rentals deals in Italy.


Venice is the romance capital of the world, and there really is no better place in Italy to honeymoon. From the long, relaxing canals to the traditional cafés and unbelievable architecture, it’s no wonder why Venice is so popular with couples. One of the best things about Venice is that there are no cars, motorbikes, busses or lorries lining the streets; in fact, it’s the only completely pedestrianized city in the world! One of the best things you can do in this spectacular city is to get completely lost – only then will you be able to marvel at the sheer beauty and romance that waits around every corner.

The Amalfi Coast

There’s nothing better than honeymooning near a beach, so if you’re looking to top up your tan in Italy, then make sure you head down to the Amalfi Coast. From Ravello and Positano to Sorrento, there are so many wonderful places to see here that you’ll want to spend a night or two at them all, and why not? If you’re looking for a beautiful setting with real Italian tradition, from restaurants and cafés to shops and markets, then the Amalfi Coast is the best place to honeymoon this year.

Gites Make a Comeback in the Travel World

If you’re looking for a way to make travel special no matter what time of year you decide to venture off into the wild, your accommodations will make the most difference. Indeed, where we stay on holiday makes a difference. If we can jet off anywhere, we want to feel like where we’re going feels like a second home. It’s better to think carefully about what we’re ultimately trying to accomplish, rather than feel like we have no options. But if you’ve been going through the same type of accommodations all the time during your stays, you might feel like it’s impossible to get anything different. In other words, you’re stuck in a rut and you really need to get out of it in order to preserve your sanity. What if you could go with something new without really changing much of anything else?

You’ll actually find that gites really do make the difference in terms of accommodations. It’s okay if you’ve never heard this term before — it simply means a guest house of sorts. A gite is going to be very private, focused on the experience rather than as a commodity. However, here’s the good part — you aren’t going to be paying all that much for one. This is because so few travelers decide to break out of the traditional mold. They feel like they need a big hotel in order to feel like they’re really on a luxurious trip. However, what really is luxury, when you think about it? Is it all about how much you spend, or the experience that you get in exchange for the money? We vote the latter, but there are some people that aren’t there yet. That’s perfectly fine. You just need to figure out what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and who will be going with you.

If you’re trying to plan a group adventure, you’ll find that gites really do make the difference. You’ll truly feel like you’re at a second home, and that’s always a good thing. You just need to think about what direction you ultimately wish to go with here. If you’re considering anything right now, then you need to figure out the best approach to take action.

Since we’re big travel fans, we’ll just fill you in right now: book early. Search for gites now, in the country of your choice. Sometimes they will be called private hotels, guest homes, or other terms of the sort. You can find most gites in Spain, France, or even Switzerland. It’s really a European thing in many ways, but this idea is spreading to other parts of the world.

Reserving your spot early lets the owner know that you’re serious, which is always a good thing. They will make you a priority if you go ahead and make them a priority. What more could you want than that? Good luck!

Cyprus: Mediterranean Cuisine Not To Miss Out On!

The Island of Cyprus is gifted with extensive cuisines that are rich in ingredients, highly delicious and extremely nutritious. Most Cypriot dishes comprise of spiced up traditional Greek foods, as well as contemporary and classic ingredients, and whether you’re walking the streets or sitting down in a restaurant, the iconic smell of Cypriot cooking can be found all over the island.

Like many other inhabitants of the Mediterranean Islands, Cypriots are known to be stout food lovers with a variety of lip-smacking dishes. The foods here are enhanced with cooking aromas that include coriander, parsley, pepper, and cumin seeds, and a Cypriot conversation hardly passes without eating or drinking – or at least talking about it! If you’re thinking about visiting Cyprus this year, here’s come of the top traditional foods and dishes that you simply must try!


MoussakaMoussaka is a common Cypriot cuisine that originated from Greece. Cooked from an eggplant and potatoes mixed with minced meat, Moussaka is certainly one of the must-try Cypriot delicacies. A creamy Béchamel, sauce baked to golden perfection, is topped on the Moussaka to enhance the already delicious flavour, and the most recent varients of Moussaka include potatoes and other vegetables combined up to form one of the most hearty and fulfilling Mediterranean dishes.


shieftaliaSheftalia is another popular traditional Cypriot food, and for the most part it is a type of Sausage without skin, using caul fat to wrap up the ingredients. The contents are then grilled to perfection on charcoal until golden brown, and can be eaten with Pita bread, cheese, or pie. In order to enhance the flavor, Sheftalia is often mixed with finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, and this dish should not be confused by a variation of Sheftalia that is made from pork marinated with coriander, known as Afelia. Sheftalia is sold in Kebab restaurants all over Cyprus at relatively low prices!


HalloumiThis is another wonderful Cypriot food that is commonly throughout the Mediterranean, as well as the rest of the world! halloumi is a special cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk, that is fried and allowed to cool. This cheese, always an off-white or yellow colour, has a salty taste and can be served with vegetables or as an ingredient in salads. In Cyprus, Halloumi is usually eaten with watermelons to re-energise the body, and the majority of Cypriots still produce their own halloumi.


BaklavaBaklava is a Cypriot dessert made from puff pastry, filled with nuts and usually soaked in honey syrup. Rated as one of the most delicious Cypriot treats to snack on, Baklava is mostly served in cupcake papers, with its origins stemming from Greece. Probably not the greatest option for healthy travelers, but if a vacation is your opportunity to indulge a littlethen you can compare flights to Cyprus here. It is clear that the Cypriots adopted much of their modern cuisines from the Greeks, and the tasty and nutritious Baklava is usually served as a main course.

The True Beauty of Mediterranean Beaches Must be Seen up Close!

It’s always a good time to visit a Mediterranean beach. The climate of the region year round is generally fairly nice. Even though the winters are mild, people still flock to the beach in hopes of catching a quiet beach. However, this is often not what you’ll find as people are starting to really love the off season. Business owners have decided to start keeping their doors open longer in hopes of capturing these often fickle tourists. What you get out of it depends on what you want to do, where you want to go, and the type of beach you honestly want. The culture of this region is something that you have to be experienced up close. Even if you’re well versed with the art and literature of the area, seeing the architecture up close rather than in pictures is something that you need to think about.

If you’re going to plan a trip, this is what you need to do in order to have a great time.

First and foremost, research the beach that you honestly want to visit. If you’re trying to hit up the island of Crete, when you go makes a difference. Unless you just want to lie on the beach and not do anything. However, you should keep in mind that not all attractions run year round.

If there’s one thing that travelers tell us all the time is that they wish they had brought more money with them. We’re not saying that you can’t have a budget vacation, but if this is a once in a lifetime type excursion for you, why cheap out on it? Why not make sure that you’re going to be able to hit every experience that you want to target?

Another thing is that even if you have to save up for the trip longer than what you intended or even expected, it’s important to make sure that you focus on getting someone to go with you. This is not a region where you want to travel alone. That isn’t because it’s not safe — it definitely is, being that so much of the region depends on tourism. However, if you’re going to go to a special place, don’t you really want to share it with someone that matters to you?

The more that you focus on the road ahead, the more fun that you’re going to have. It can be difficult to really think about everything that you need at once, but it’s always worth it.

Researching where you’re going to go is good because it will help you figure out how much you need to save up. You will also want to make sure that you can use your debit or credit card on the island of your choice. Some areas don’t always accept these cards, so you will want to make sure that you have spare cash in the form most readily accepted by the island. Since they have travelers from all over the world, you might be surprised at what currencies are accepted.

Most importantly, you want to have fun. You don’t want to find yourself going without the fun that you deserve just because you feel like you should be frugal. Sometimes in life we just have to live life out loud rather than being afraid of what people are going to say and do. That’s the best way to live life, if you ask us!

Why not discover which beach really calls out to you today? You really won’t be disappointed!

Can You Really Travel to The Mediterranean For The Off Peak Season

The off peak season is definitely getting a lot more attention than it used to. You see, it’s all about making sure that you’re going to be able to travel where you want to go without all of the crowds. If you try to leave for summer vacation, you’re going to find that everyone else has the same type of idea that you had. If you choose instead to think about trying to go with the off peak season, you’re getting to have a better experience.

It’s all about where you go, and what you plan on doing. You can save a lot of money going with the off peak travel season, because hospitality industry members will want to earn your loyalty as well as filling spots that would otherwise be empty. Does that mean that you need to really think about where you want to go?

Absolutely! But more than anything, you want to still make sure that you’re looking at the deals that are already on the table. You can always adapt your choices to the deals that are available. This will save you a lot of money.

Temperature is going to play a serious role in how much you enjoy your stay. You typically can expect cool, wet winters, so if rain bothers you, you might want to go elsewhere. However, the beaches can be interesting places to walk when the sand is wet.

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure during a time where most are in school or at work, then the off peak season is for you. Just make it clear to your travel party that not everything will necessarily be open. This is also a great time to get your map out and explore the natural beauty of the area.

The people that make up the many countries of the Mediterranean will be happy to tell you that they really have no problem with tourists at any time of the year. They are a friendly crowd and there are even many places where children are not just accepted, but truly welcome.

Good fun, food, and entertainment await you as long as you want to explore this part of the world. Don’t forget to take your camera with you — there are plenty of different places to see. Make sure that you are definitely looking through all of your options before it’s too late — why wouldn’t you want to travel as much as possible?

When it comes to whether or not you can really travel to the Mediterranean for the off peak season, the answer is definitely yes!

Manarola – The Colorful Italian Town

Manarola is one of the places that you can hardly believe that it exists because of its unrealistically beautiful and amazing landscape. This place is far from the noise and madness of the big city. It has its own unique characteristics and it’s made of harmony and balance between nature and man.

This Italian town is really a masterpiece which you have to see if you want to understand the full meaning of love, calmness and happiness.

Manarola is located in Cinque Terre area in northwestern Italy. The first thing that will amaze you is that it is built on a huge rock, rising over the beach and the small town easily creates a feeling that this is another world far away from any civilization and problems. There are not many words that can be used for the description of the incredible panoramic view of Manarola.

Therefore, you just have to go there and see everything with your own eyes rather to look at some lovely photos. On the steep cliffs are scattered pastel houses, but not with modern and sleek facades. They have an authentic look that is so characteristic of old Italian architecture and you will be able to feel the past pretty easy even after several hours spent in Manarola.

All buildings are bright and colorful and the combination between their beauty and the fantastic natural landscapes will inspire you for new achievements and willingness for success. The area around the village is especially suitable for growing grapes and producing high quality wine. During the early Middle Ages was developed the production of wine and you will have many chances to enjoy the wonderful smell and taste of this so popular drink in some of the local restaurants.

In the recent years Manarola became a popular tourist destination during the summer months and don’t be surprised if you meet many tourists who are watching with fascination and don’t stop taking pictures. The global popularity of the town is rising and sometimes it is hard to find a room in some of the local hotels. Some of the attractions are the ancient church of San Lorenzo, dating from 1338, the picturesque trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore, known as the path of love, and hiking trails passing over hills and vineyards above the town. If you are huge fan of the nature then you will have pleasant and relaxing time for sure. The fresh air and the numerous lovely views will definitely reload you with more energy and mental strength for sure.

You can reach Manarola by car or by train from the city of La Spezia, passing high above the rocks and headed to the five towns of Cinque Terre. The trip will be pretty wonderful without any doubt, but just save your compliments until your arrival in Manarola. The friendly Italian spirit and atmosphere of the town will remain in your soul forever.

Travel Insurance Claim Got Rejected – Make Sure The Next One Doesn’t!

Travel insurance is something that we recommend all of the time, but if you’re leery of getting into this type of insurance cover, there might be a reason: too many horror stories of claims getting rejected. The world of insurance is there to protect us. We want to always make sure that we can focus on tending to our holiday, enjoying each and every moment. But when things happen, you have to get them done. When there are challenges, you have to find solutions. When there’s issues to be dealt with, you need to learn how to flow around them and keep reaching for something better.

So, what can you really do to make sure that your travel insurance claim isn’t rejected the next time you file? Here’s the scoop!

First and foremost, you want to watch your drinking. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug at the time of an incident, your claim could be rejected. How will they know? They will ask for an accurate recounting of what happened. If you have injuries that could have only resulted from lack of judgment due to intoxication, your claim will be rejected immediately.

You also want to take care of any valuables — if you just hide items and people find them to steal them anyway, you aren’t going to get a lot of sympathy from your travel insurance carrier. They will expect you to use the safe. Now, if someone breaks into the safe and takes your valuables, that’s a whole different story.

If you are filing a claim for theft, you always want to get a police report. Make sure that you get it as soon as possible so the details of the crime will be carefully documented. The more time that you wait between filing police reports, the less likely it is that you’re honestly going to recall all of the information as it happened. The human memory just doesn’t tend to hold onto information for very long.

The fine print is really what’s going to make or break your policy. It’s tempting to think that your insurer will just have mercy on you, but that’s really not a smart assumption to make. It would be better to think instead of how to avoid being rejected and just provide as much documentation as you can.

Be sure that you never give originals — photocopies of everything is the safer way to get things done. Take care of yourself!

Turkey’s Turquoise Paradise

The Turquoise coast is Turkey’s holidaying hotspot where wonderful Mediterranean weather meets Roman and Lycian historic culture. Olu Deniz is an incredible beach holiday location where you can enjoy all attractive qualities of the Mediterranean. The Montana Pine Resort is one of the area’s most desirable hotels, located in amongst pine trees on the hillside of Mount Babadag away from the bustling town.

Turkey is a great place to visit as it offers all the attractive qualities of a holiday paradise without the high prices. The Olu Deniz bay is stunning, known for being one of Turkey’s loveliest beaches and has been voted one of the top 5 beaches in the world! This beautiful blue lagoon has crystal clear waters and a calm atmosphere, ideal for swimming and watersports. The main beach is situated next to an appealing promenade that is lined with shops and restaurants. If you like your holiday to be based by the beach, then Olu Deniz will have everything you need.

Kidrak beach

Kidrak, also known as the Paradise Beach, is 2km away from Oludeniz and can be reached in a half hour walk. This beach is more secluded than the main promenade and is perfect for a couple looking to spend a quiet day away from the crowds.

Montana Pine Resort

The beautiful mountain setting of the Montana Pine Resort makes it a perfectly idyllic setting for a holiday. There are panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea and its peaceful location away from the centre of Olu Deniz means you can enjoy some seclusion when you’re not basking on the beach. The hotel even has its own Turkish bath and steam room where visitors can feel truly pampered. To make sure you secure a great deal, book your stay through Jet2Holidays.

Whether you’re looking for a resort-based holiday where you can relax in comfort or want to explore all that the Turquoise coast has to offer, Olu Deniz is great place to stay. If you decide to venture a little further afield, the town of Fethiye is a modest trading port and fishing village that has developed into a vibrant tourist destination. Located around 15km north of Olu Deniz, Fethiye offers an incredible day trip known as the 12-island boat trip. This takes you around the beautiful waters of Fethiye Bay with plenty of swimming and snorkelling stops!