Crimea, An Oddly Mediterranean Place

Crimea is a very lovely region with a lot of history attached to it. It’s Mediterranean to a point, yet it brings something very different to the table. It’s like a little island all to itself, and it’s time for tourists to check it out than what they’ve been doing.

You have the Coastal Beach Cities, which are extremely tourist friendly. Russian tends to dominate the landscape, but you can get by with English and some good gesturing. The houses are extremely cheap to rent because everyone loves a tourist here!

If you want to go hiking and camping, you can turn to the Coastal Mountains. Camping is a bit rough and tumble, but you can be assured of plenty of quiet time. That’s just something that you have to look into a bit more.

Crimea vacationYou need to get a guidebook if you’re going to really explore the Crimea, but you can find these just about everywhere that you look once you land. The weather is incredibly nice during the summer, and the water is pretty warm. If you’re used to true Mediterranean beaches, the water around the Crimea may feel downright chilly. Get over it and embrace your surroundings. You’ll be glad that you did.

Now then, what about getting around the country? You definitely want to take the mini buses, because they’re going to be cheap. You don’t want to try to drive, because the road system is very bad. This is a part of the country that isn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s going to be very important for you to be as respectful as possible. Even if you’re a little less than impressed, try to make the best of your surroundings. The incredible beauty of the Crimea makes up for the fact that you aren’t going to be greeted with five star comforts. Continue reading