Best Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

If you’re looking for a cruise experience with amazing weather and an opportunity to see some of the most incredibly beautiful places in the world, then you’ll want to book a cruise in the Mediterranean. This article will tell you about some of the best Mediterranean cruises and the ports you simply cannot forget to stop at!

The Mediterranean Sea is the inland sea that is west of Asia, north of Africa and south of Europe. Cruise lines have been sailing ships throughout this region since the dawn of cruising.

Combined with dry, hot summers and mild winters, the Mediterranean is among the most popular destinations for tourism in Europe.

Super-fun Mediterranean cruises are a terrific way to see this fantastic part of the world. Find below a list of 5 top ports that the best Mediterranean cruises will dock at.

Barcelona cruise1. First on our list is the capital of Catalonia and Spain’s largest city, Barcelona. It is warmer here than on the Spanish islands because it is on the mainland. Barcelona is a bustling city that still retains a relaxed vibe. You’ll find thriving town center squares, shopping, small bars and restaurants, coffee shops along with beautiful beaches lined with palm trees. It is a clean city with friendly and welcoming locals.

Palma-de-Mallorca2. Next is a port on the well-known Spanish island of Majorca, Palma. Part of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is the embark point for a lot of European cruises. It is very popular as a tourist destination for travelers from Europe. Palma itself is on the island’s south, with the other parts of the island accessible by public transport, however renting a car will make exploration of Majorca a lot easier because of its size. Half of all the people that live on Majorca are in Palma, so making the effort to see the quieter parts of the island is definitely worth it.

tunis cruise3. A place that offers experiences very different from other Mediterranean destinations is Tunis, in the country of Tunisia, however still a great place to visit for the best Mediterranean cruises. Tunisia is an Arabic country on the north coast of Africa. Excursions on shore into Tunis show a type of old world city with an atmosphere typical of Africa. Street vendors abound here, with all kinds of goods, artist’s crafts, souvenirs and other items to be found. Tunis offers the opportunity to experience a culture you may not experience much in other places around the Mediterranean.


4. Of course, no visit to the Mediterranean on the best Mediterranean cruises would be complete without a visit to Rome. Many of the most famous monuments, structures and historical sites in the world are found in Rome. Among them are the Colosseum and Vatican City. This is a city with an incredibly rich history spanning back over 2,500 years with a wealth of amazing structures. Don’t hesitate to jump on a chance to go onshore when the ship docks and visit the amazing city of Rome.

Genoa cruises5. Another destination in Italy that you shouldn’t miss is Genoa, a city that has a more traditional appearance. Much of the town has been turned into world heritage historical sites and therefore not been taken over by modern buildings. Genoa can provide a refreshing change from the hustle-bustle of Rome, with its more laid-back, countryside feel.

Highlights on casino cruises

When choosing which kind of holiday to take, there are different transportation options that can help one get to their chosen travel destination. Among these would include taking a cruise.

Cruise ships are terrific choices for traveling as they allow one to have fun while on the ship as someone else takes care of getting you to your destination. They are essentially floating resorts with so many activities to keep their passengers amused. Among these include casinos which are now standard on most cruise ships.

Certain cruise lines have attained more notoriety than others such as in the case of the Carnival Cruise Line. With destinations all over the world, the line attracts many tourists. Their cruise ships all have a casino on board for any travelers who are 21 years or older. The casino games found in the Carnival casinos are the popular favourites.

Guests can expect to find craps, poker, blackjack, bingo, roulette and slot machines. Many passengers may already be familiar with these games especially if they play regularly at online casinos. This doesn’t mean players new to casino gaming can’t learn how to play them. The dealers on casino cruises are much more helpful and lenient than those in land based casinos. Some casinos even offer tournaments. Usually these are poker tournaments and can be rather exciting with some sort of prize offered. The minimum bets for casinos are usually about $5. However, this doesn’t mean that some higher stakes games cannot be found.

Not only does the Carnival Cruise Line offer casino gambling similar to those on sites like JackpotCity but they also have other activities for the pleasure of their guests. Night time movies are popular as guests lounge on deck under the starry night sky. The cruise line will provide snacks along with blankets to make the experience even better.