Jet off to Zakynthos for this Summer Holiday

We can’t get enough of the Mediterranean, and we wanted to give you as much information as possible about all of the Greek Islands. Today is all about Zakynthos for a lot of reasons: balance, plenty of things to do, and an overwhelming sense of calm. You get the best of both worlds when you step into Zakynthos, also referred to as Zante (its Italian name).

Zakynthos isn’t all about the late night crowd, but it’s not always quiet and innocent either. You’ll find a little bit of both sides to keep you interested, and that’s why we like it. We think that a good holiday should be on your terms, but who said you couldn’t get a little wild and crazy? After all, how many times will you really be in Greece?

Zakynthos has a capital — Zakynthos Town. This is where most of your activity will be, especially if you’re trying to catch a ferry.

You also have Alykes and Agios Nikolaos. Alykes has a family resort where many people like to stay. If you’re looking for the party action, you want to go to Laganas. This resort village has nothing but nightlife for the under 30 crowd. If it’s not your scene, feel free to avoid this place. But if it is your scene, you’ll find just about everything you’re looking for in terms of classic nightlife fun.

There’s an airport on the island, but it’s over near Laganas. You will have international flights, but it’s mostly to European cities while the holiday season is in effect.

visit_zakynthosThe best way to explore would be to go by taxi, rent a car (though driving is risky) or to go around on a motorbike. You’ll have enough speed and power to conquer hills with ease, so don’t worry about that at all. Some people even like to go cycling in Greece, and it’s a very inexpensive type of thing to do. There are tours of the island available for cyclists that are really interested in that sort of thing.

Most of the beaches are set up the same way. You will need to pay to use a sun lounger, but it’s not that expensive at all. There’s also water sports available, like diving and going snorkeling. It just depends on what you would like to do while you’re on the island.

One thing that you will want to avoid is disturbing the turtles that call this island home. They aren’t any harm to you, and they’re actually an endangered species.

The wildest thing you can do in Zakynthos would be to go base jumping. Yes, that’s right — you are jumping with a parachute on. It’s not as dangerous as it might seem, but it’s definitely not for the faint at heart! Continue reading

The Beaches at Zante Welcome Everyone!

Hopping around the Greek Islands is only fun when you know where you want to head next! Since we’re still covering all of the Greek Islands, we might as well give you another one: Zante!

Okay, so we’re not calling the island by its proper name. It’s officially known as the island of Zakynthos. Zante is the Italian name for it, but many tourists refer to it as Zante first. No problems either way!

It’s actually the third largest island in the Ionian Sea, and it’s definitely a site to see!

When you’re really trying to capture everything involving Zante/Zakynthos, you will want to know where the hot spots are.

The nice thing about Zante is that it’s really in the idle of everything, so to speak. It’s not a hot party spot all the time, but it’s not a stripped down and watered down vacation spot for families only.

There are a few major towns that you should know about if you’re going to plan your holiday.

The capital would be Zakynthos Town, which is where the main shops are going to be. The ferry rides all start here as well.

There’s also Kalamaki, which is where a busy resort calls home. This is where many families end up, but there is still some night life to be found.

Still, if you’re looking for a wild and crazy night, you will find it in the town of Laganas. The resort here surrounds itself with nightclubs, bars, and fast food joints. Younger visitors love the party atmosphere. If that’s not your thing, you might want to go back to Kalamaki or check out Tsilivi.

You can have plenty of fun out here, and don’t worry — English is well understood here. Local residents really want to make sure that you feel comfortable, and everyone loves reaching out to newcomers!

Getting around the island is best done by taxi. Yes, there are a lot of rental agencies on the island, but tourists from all over the world come here, and they tend to drive pretty badly. The roads tend to be hit or miss, and it’s pretty easy to get into an accident. Taxis are really your best bet, and they’re really not that expensive at all.

There are some very gorgeous blue caves, white cliffs, and even some endangered wildlife to see. The top is the loggerhead turtle — which is in serious danger of dying out. Greek authorities have posted signs advising tourists not to touch the turtles. Make sure that you heed the warning, as there are serious fines for not doing so.

You will find plenty of places to eat on the island, with a blend of tourist favorites as well as authentic Greek cuisine as well. Olive oil, honey, currants, and wines can be found just about everywhere. After all, it’s Greece — what do you expect?

Accommodations are also easy, but you will definitely want to make sure that you focus on getting an air conditioner. That’s going to make sure that you get as much of a comfortable stay as you can. It gets very warm at night, and it can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Overall, there are tons of things to see, and all of the usual island activities to enjoy. Why not check it out for yourself?